Miramar Beach, Florida – October 25, 2023., a full-service automotive digital advertising agency today announced the Dealer Ignite platform will be merged into the PowerPixel platform ( effective November 1, 2023.

Steven Humphries, Founder & CEO made the announcement saying “we’ve taken the best of Dealer Ignite and merged those features into PowerPixel providing dealers a “lead generation” focused platform.   Our new lead generation tool provides a minimum 30% lift in high converting leads.  Our intelligent software checks visitors against over 240 engagement variables and only targets the top 10-12% of your dealership’s website visitors.  Visitors that view our pop-up close at a much higher rate than other leads – at 15-20% or more”.

Steve Sanchez, Director of Sales said, “the new PowerPixel platform is Dealer Ignite on steroids and allows dealers to close more deals.  In many cases we are seeing the lead volume double over Dealer Ignite due to the intelligent software”.

PowerPixel features include:

  • 30% minimum lift in first-party website leads that close at 15-20%
  • Our proprietary AI engine identifies and shows you real-human website visitors on your site right now. 90% of bots caught and removed from reporting.
  • Not only can you see who’s on your virtual lot, but your sales team can to digital “meet and greets” from their desktop or mobile-phone to proactively chat with highly engaged visitors.
  • The built-in notification platform connects your sales team immediately with visitors looking at units in inventory that you need to move now or visitors that are highly engaged and haven’t converted to a lead.
  • The real-time reporting of FREE vs PAID visitor from any source, any campaign will put you in the driver’s seat.
  • Easier that Google Analytics, a 5th grader could accurately determine the ROI of any paid ad source in terms of both visits and leads.

Humphries added “we will be moving all dealers over to the new platform between now and November 1, 2023 and are excited about the move allowing us to provide more and higher quality leads to our dealers”.

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