To compete in today’s digital world, as a dealer it’s vital that you know how you stack up against the competition online.  A digital audit will provide you insights into your  online presence and allow you to develop a competitive Digital Strategy.  Developing a Digital Strategy will help you target Auto Shoppers at every conversion point and minimize wasted reach in  your advertising mix.   Our Digital Audits analyze the health of your on-line presence and identify pain points.  Here is what we review:

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

93% of Auto Shoppers do not go past page one, which is why SEO should be the foundation of your Digital Strategy.

On-Site SEO insures that your website structure is optimized for target keywords and insures that your site is appealing to users and search engine crawlers.  It contains lots of technical terms like Title Tags, H1/H2 Tags, Meta Descriptions, HTML, that all are essential in getting found online.  Google has established specific guidelines for the way your back-end should be structured which allows their crawlers find your website.  If the guidelines are not followed, you are actually penalized which could result in not even showing up on page two or three.   We analyze and correct those technical  issues which is the first step of optimizing your website.

Off-Site SEO, simply put is the content on your website which is extremely important in achieving that highly desired first page  organic placement.     On-line press releases, local directory listings, social media and blogs are ways to develop a strong organic placement.

Google rewards sites for engagement and user interaction (more visits, more page views) and the time your potential customers spend on your site improves your organic ranking.

SEM – Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing or PPC gets you first page top 3 instantly with your most profitable keywords.  Our model-level PPC campaigns generate inordinate results driving traffic to your website and your showroom providing a major lift in SERP’s and VDP’s.

We review your current PPC campaign including keywords and cost per click and make recommendations to increase your SEM performance.

Social Media

The average consumer spends almost 2 hours a day on social media, which represents 28% of  daily time on line.   If you don’t have a robust and engaging social media strategy in place, you are missing a huge audience segment.  Therefore, having optimized social pages is an important part of a digital strategy.

We review all major social sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. focusing on likes, the number of post, reviews and user engagement.

Engaging users should be the main focus of a social media strategy followed by online visibility and branding your dealership. Social media creates a comfort level and connects with your dealership with active Auto Shopper which ultimately leads to web site and show room visits.


Research shows that a consumer will drive farther to buy a car from a dealer that has positive on-line reviews. In fact, 90% of consumers look at on-line review before making a purchasing decision.

We review and analyze all major review sites including, Google, Facebook, Dealer Rater,, Yelp, YP, Rip-Off Reports and more.

At we have dedicated digital specialist that can help you design a custom strategy for your dealership that is relevant to you market.

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Auto dealers consistently strive to understand how digital channels work together to drive the customer journey and to drive more vehicles off their lots. While most dealers may employ multiple digital avenues for reaching their potential customers, if there isn’t a strategic campaign mix, they could be missing the mark.

Our automotive email campaigns allow dealerships to communicate directly with their local audience whether it is existing customers or conquest customers completely new to their brand. Our campaign creative is responsive, so offers can be viewed on any device.

Through our Black Book data, we target Auto Shoppers down to the zip code level, by owners, intenders, household income, demographic and a variety of other filters. We are able to execute and deploy hyper-targeted email campaigns on behalf of our dealership clients that drive customers to the showroom, increase VDP views and, most importantly, sell more cars!

Following each email campaign, we provide dealers with a detailed match-back report to show you exactly how many vehicles we sold to customers that received an email. We will also custom tag each email so that a dealer can see, down to the model level how much traffic was generated to their website in Google Analytics.

If your dealership is still relying on direct mail to increase showroom traffic, NOW is the time to add email to the mix. Our email campaigns generate open rates average 10-14% with click through rates of 3-5%. A recent campaign for a Gulf Coast CDJR store yielded 3850 visitors to their web site in less that 48 hours. An open rate of 25.7% and click thru rate of 20.9%.

As you can see, our campaign results are consistently above the national averages due, in part, to the quality of our lists.

Our fulfillment partner has an exclusive agreement to actually house the Black Book data, which mean the data is constantly refreshed and current.

If your dealership has an existing data base email program in place, we can assist you in obtaining more of your customer’s email addresses. We can scrub your database against our Black Book data to append email addresses.

Today, email marketing should be an intrical part of your marketing strategy. If you are ready to reach a new, qualified audience of in-market shoppers with the best ROI, we can help! Contact