With 91% of Americans having their mobile device within reach 24/7, MMS messaging creates a great way to engage your customer base. With Power Text we create and send 10,000 custom text for your dealership each month with GIF or VIDEO creating multiple monthly campaigns for sales, service, events. etc. Our new platform links up to 6 dealership cell phones to the platform allowing immediate 2-way text conversation as soon as the customer is engaged. All conversations and leads are managed in a single, easy-to-use dashboard and integrated into your CRM.

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Over 95% of your website visitors will never convert (fill out a form, text, email or call your store)! Power Pixel allows you to capture real-time, 1st party data from your website visitors in an interactive dashboard. We source each visitor’s journey on your website (, google, facebook, etc.), show pages viewed, VDP’s and more. Plus, our automated dashboard can send up to 6 branded emails to visitors. All lead opportunities can be sent to your CRM. Power Pixel turns lost website visitors into lead opportunities!

Power Email reaches your customer base providing instant Kelly Blue Book Trade Value via text to customers that click on the link. We average 100 leads in the first hour after deployment delivered in real-time to your CRM. Power Email open rates average 11.8%. Each deployment includes: Instant KBB Value Leads, Emails to your customer base, Custom Creative/HTML, UTM Tags and more.

PowerURL turns all of your digital & traditional marketing into instant Lead Generation Tools! Google PPC, Facebook Paid Ads/Posts, Instagram Stories, Mobile Ads & YouTube Ads/Videos, TV Spots, Billboards and more. Plus add the PowerURL to your website in place of your current tool to allow your customers Instant Trade Values by simply providing a License Plate and Cell Phone number.

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Our PowerSEO is a powerful platform that provides: 5 Custom Model Landing Pages (not templated), high quality, high impact OEM style pages that are updated as your incentives change with instant KBB/Blackbook values (leads sent to your CRM), 5 Regional City Pages - boosting your local SEO, 2 monthly content articles (750+ words)- GBPOptimization and Full site audit and technical SEO maintenance (working with your website provider).

GeoMobile Marketing reaches bottom-of-the funnel auto shoppers at home, on-the-go and while at your competition providing real-time conversion data. With our proprietary GeoFencing platform we capture shoppers at various conversion points (Competitor locations and at home). GeoMobile Marketing's transparent reporting shows Impressions Delivered, Clicks, CTR’s, and CTR’s, Actions (those Shoppers that left your competitor or were served a banner ad at home and came into your store) and those shoppers that were served a banner ad at home and then visited your store.

GeoBlocker protects and defends your dealership from competitive geofencing. We create an electronic fence around your dealership serving compelling banner ads from your store to customers on your lot, service drive and/or showroom. We serve a minimum of 100,000 impressions (monthly), which may vary depending on your market. This allows us to out-bid your competitors ads, thus blocking 80% + plus ads being served by your competitors. We report monthly on Impressions Delivered, Clicks, CTR’s, and CTR’s.

Dealer Proximity Marketing combines the power of Dealer Email Marketing (conquest email) and GeoFencing to hyper-target in-market Auto Shoppers. We send 100,000 conquest emails to Shoppers in your market and upload the home addresses of those Shoppers in the DPM platform. The platform automatically generates a fence around each home capturing all of the devise ID’s in the home allowing us to serve banner ads on cell phones, tables, laptops, desktops and OTT/CTV.” Our transparent reporting shows Impressions served, VDP’s, CTRs and more.

Facebook4Dealers serves personalized dynamic carousel ads to your website shoppers in real-time. Our platform provides a seamless process that captures your website Shoppers info and serves the Shoppers personalized dynamic Facebook carousel Ads featuring vehicles viewed (up to 10). When a Shopper clicks on an ad, we send a form fill to the Shopper’s FB news feed. When completed, the form is sent to designated emails and your CRM. We measure and report on Clicks by VIN/Stock#, VDP Clicks (by individual vehicle), units moved showing cost per clicked by vehicle, cost per moved vehicle and more. Our new LEAD Gen feature sends form fills to shoppers that click on carousel ad. The leads are sent directly to your CRM and/or designated email addresses.

Fixed Ops Marketing provides dealers traditional and digital solutions for your Parts, Service, Collision and Tire Departments. We offer several unique solutions that include: Direct Mail, Power Text, Power Email, Addressable GeoFencing, Competitor GeoFencing, Social Marketing, SEO and SEM. All digital campaigns are mobile-first focused.

At VBDC™, we create custom BDC Sales and Service solutions for dealers. From simply managing your Day 1, 2 or 3 leads, buy-back campaigns, open recall campaigns to “full-blown” BDC services, we’re here to help you for 30 days or 30 months. There are no long-term commitments and in most cases we can save you 30%+ monthly. When you partner with VBDC™ your dealership is assigned a dedicated team to manage your leads. Our Virtual BDC team becomes an extension of your staff and you will know each VBDC™ agent by name. At VBDC™ we don’t take sick days or vacations… we work 24/7 and our schedule mirrors yours. Our custom dealer dashboard provides complete transparency showing each of our VBDC ™ agents activity in real-time and pushes our records our activities. You are sent instant email alerts for appointments or TO's. We integrate with your technology with a seamless on-boarding process.

Deploying thousands of conquest email campaigns every year, Dealer Email marketing is the most effective and efficient email marketing service in the auto industry. We feature the highest open (Average 15.85%) and CTR (Average 1.65) is the industry. Each deployment includes 100,000 emails, Redeployment to Openers, Opener Postal Data, Custom Creative/HTML, UTM Tags, Sold Customer Match-back Report and Month End Campaign Report.

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We've worked with virtually every dealer brand across the USA