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With the auto industry’s reliance on replenishing used inventories due to the chip shortage, we have developed three ways to help you generate leads from your customer base.

At, we provide three ways to reach and communicate effectively and efficiently with customers.

1. Power Text
With 91% of Americans having their mobile device within reach 24/7, MMS messaging creates a great way to engage your customers. With Power Text we create and send customers texts with multimedia graphics. Our AI chat nurtures text conversation allowing customer to get questions answered, service appointments, learn about specials or finance deals. Your staff is notified every time your customers respond to a text and/or engages with the chatbox with all conversations and leads managed in a sing, easy to use dashboard integrated into your CRM.

2. Power Email
Email is one of the most efficient ways to provide updates to your customers and with our cutting-edge AI, your customers can get an immediate Black Book value of their current vehicle via text. Each emails subject line provides a personal offer (using variable data) offering a value for their current vehicle. We also prompt customers to click to get an instant value (via text) of their current vehicle. When clicked the customers information is sent in real-time to your CRM.

3. Power Direct Mail
Direct Mail is still one of the most effective ways to reach your data base. Our personal hand-written letters are real, pen-in-hand letters (not machine printed letters other mail companies offer) sent to your customers in a #10 hand addressed envelope with a real postage stamp. When your customer engages with the letter, an immediate real time black-book trade offers is sent to the customer via text and the lead is sent to your

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