The Facebook & Conquest Email Combination Moves More Metal!

Here are 6 important reasons why combining conquest email and social media ads can sell more cars at your dealership:

  1. Expand your reach:  According to the study, combining email and social media ads, expanded the reach of the overall campaign by 77%.
  1. Increase open rates: The audience that both received an email AND were served social media ads were 8% more likely to click on email than those who opened email but did not see ads.
  1. Sell more cars:  The segment that both received an email AND were served social media ads were 22% more likely to make a purchase!
  1. They already know you here: Targeting your email list across social media means you’re reaching people who already have shown enough interest to opt-in to receiving email messages about your vehicle offers.  This connection means higher response rates than messaging a new group of people who may have never heard of you.
  1. Be where your customers are:  The average user spends an over 700 minutes a month on Facebook and 170 minutes a month on Twitter, looking at updates from friends and promotions from brands they “Like” or “Follow”.
  1. They want to share: 4 out of 5 auto buyers said they are more likely to turn to their social network for car buying advice than a car salesperson. And over 1/3 sourced friend or family recommendations.  Social media is the single most influential source obtaining those recommendations.  Customers can easily like, comment, or share your Facebook ads or retweet your Twitter ads adding up to 35% additional reach to your campaigns.  Combining a well-qualified email list with hyper-targeted social ads can help your dealership expand its social reach and increase monthly sales.

At we can custom design a Facebook + Email campaign that will increase your website and Facebook visits, increase likes and increase your showroom ups.

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