Google’s “Cars for Sale” on Google My Business Helps You Showcase Inventory in Search Results

April 20, 2021 is teaming up with Google to give you the opportunity to display your CARS FOR SALE inventory directly on Google Search.

This new feature augments your dealership’s Google Business Profile on mobile devices with a live feed of your inventory. This unprecedented level of search interactivity is a great way to put your vehicle’s front and center for prospective shoppers searching for the right dealership. Customers are actually able to view your inventory without ever leaving the Google search page, creating a simple and seamless shopping experience. You can surface your cars for sale on Google which may increase engagement and generate interest in specific vehicles at your dealership. This new tool is both simple and intuitive.

Customers are then able to scroll through vehicles, view pricing and mileage, and look at vehicle pictures. Intuitive filters allow shoppers to narrow down their search by new, used, brand, and model down to the trim level. There is even a search function that customers can use to quickly find the exact vehicle they are looking for without ever leaving the search page. Once they find a vehicle they like, they are redirected to a custom listing page with all of its information and easy ways to contact your dealership. All of this works to alert shoppers in their Google search highlighting your online inventory.

The easier access consumers have to your products, the more likely they are to engage with your dealership. This new feature puts each of your vehicles in an online inventory, potentially catching the eye of browsers that might not have planned on searching through your inventory. This could be the best new way to get extra visibility and attract shoppers to your store.

In addition to the placement of your inventory on your Google My Business platform, we also provide the AO Marketplace app that allows you to manage your GMB Profile providing you a real-time dashboard allowing you to see all Searches, Views etc. of your shoppers.

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