Website Data Capture & Retargeting Drives Sales

It’s been said many times that a dealer’s storefront in now their website, which cannot be denied. Dealerships need to be creative and strategic when it comes to attracting and engaging with potential customers.

The Dealer Ignite tool is a software solution designed specifically for car dealerships that increases visitor engagement up to 60%. It captures website visitors’ personal information, such as their name, email address, and phone number, their vehicle of interest and when they want to buy. Then uses that information to send targeted SMS texts and emails (with images of their vehicle of interest). These messages can include promotional offers, updates on new vehicles or features, and other content designed to engage with potential customers and encourage them to come back to the dealership’s website.

The Dealer Ignite tool offers many benefits for car dealerships looking to drive more traffic and sales to their website and showroom.

Here are a few of the key advantages of using this powerful tool:

Capturing More Leads
One of the primary benefits of using the Dealer Ignite tool is that it allows dealerships to capture more leads from their website traffic. By capturing visitors’ personal information and sending them targeted messages, the tool can help convert more of those visitors into leads, increasing the dealership’s potential customer base.

Engaging With Website Visitors
Another major advantage of the Dealer Ignite tool is that it enables dealerships to engage with website visitors on a more personal level. By sending targeted messages that are relevant to each visitor’s interests and needs, the tool can help build a relationship between the dealership and potential customers, making them more likely to come back and make a purchase.

Driving More Traffic to the Website
The Dealer Ignite tool can also help drive more traffic to the dealership’s website. By sending out messages that encourage visitors to come back and explore the site further, the tool can help increase the number of repeat visitors to the site, boosting overall traffic and potentially leading to more sales.

Increasing Sales
Ultimately, the goal of the Dealer Ignite tool is to increase sales for the dealership. By engaging with potential customers and providing them with targeted offers and promotions, the tool can help drive more sales and revenue for the dealership.

Dealer Ignite is not for every dealership and should not be relied upon solely as a lead generation tool. Lead generation is simply a biproduct of the marketing platform, sending targeted SMS texts and emails that are designed to engage with potential customers and encourage them to come back to the site. Dealer Ignite can help dealerships build relationships with their customers and ultimately drive more sales and revenue. If you’re looking for a way to take your dealership’s digital marketing efforts to the next level, the Dealer Ignite tool is worth considering. Please contact us for a demo and more information.

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