Google’s “Cars for Sale | Google My Business” Pilot is now FREE to Clients

Miramar Beach, Florida
June 12, 2012

Google’s “Cars for Sale | Google My Business” Pilot is FREE to Clients., a data-driven digital marketing agency today announced that they are offering the “Cars for Sale | Google My Business” Pilot program FREE of charge to clients. In making the announcement, CEO Steve Humphries said “the automotive market has been in a stir about this produce since it’s launched several weeks ago. Our management team met yesterday, and we will be offering the pilot FREE to our current clients and FREE to new clients that purchase certain products and packages.”

Western Regional Sales Director, Carl Hanley said, “we’ve never seen anything like this… we get dozens of calls a day about Cars for Sale and are surprised what some agencies are charging for the product – I love it when we can step up and provide a really needed product to help dealers get their inventory online in the Google network and at the same time provide an SEO Boost that is no-charge”.

Laura Humphries, VP & COO added saying “yes, this is going to be great… our clients are our first priority, and we are excited to be able to provide this is as an added value for clients that are within a certain monthly spend level. For first time (or new clients) we are requiring that a certain product or package be purchased to receive this free offer, as certain restrictions apply. We still offer our SEO Boost Platform that includes the Cars for Sale inventory listing for a flat monthly fee. is a full-service, data-driven digital marketing agency based in Miramar Beach, Florida offering cutting age auto shopper data capture platforms and digital marketing tools. For more information contact or call 800.591.5719, ext 700.

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