We Don’t Sell Leads

At AutomotiveOnly.com, WE DON’T SELL LEADS. With the Abandoned Shoppers and GeoMobile Marketing platforms, we provide Dealers with Auto Shopper’s personal data (name, address, email, telephone) from their websites Shoppers and from their competitor’s showroom Shoppers.

Dealers spend thousands of dollars every month driving traffic to their websites without knowing the identity of their Shoppers, whether it’s a direct Shopper or from a referral source, such as a Google PPC Campaign or Cars.com. With Abandoned Shopper’s we capture the identity and personal data of your website Shoppers.

When a Shopper visits a Dealers website, we don’t know where that Shopper is in their buying cycle (only 3-5% of website Shoppers will complete a form fill, call or email the Dealer). They could be a first time direct website Shopper or could have been to the site multiple times coming from a referral source. Abandoned Shoppers provides access to the other 95-97% of Shoppers, providing their personal data, in real time in a custom dealer dashboard within seconds of landing on their website, allowing Dealers to email/text that Shopper with the click of a mouse. Our instant email feature sends an immediate email to Shoppers with 1.5 seconds of landing on their website. Plus, we encourage Dealers to upload the Shopper data into their CRM’s for continuous follow-up emails and personal letters, which ultimately lead to more conversions through multiple touch-points.

With GeoMobile Marketing, when a Shopper visits a competitor’s showroom, not only do we serve up banner ads (measuring the clicks, CTR’s, actions, etc.), but we also capture the Shoppers personal data in the custom Dealer dashboard, allowing the Dealer the ability to follow up with email, text, postal mail, etc.

At AutomotiveOnly.com we provide Dealers Auto Shoppers personal data with Abandoned Shoppers and GeoMobile Marketing. Through the custom dashboard we capture the data allowing multiple touch points, creating maximum conversions.

For more information, how how we can provide you access to new Shoppers, call us at 800.591.5719, Ext. 700.

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