A worldwide Coronavirus Pandemic that is now spreading across America is disrupting lifestyles in every state and community. From school and church closings to millions now working from home we now must reevaluate marketing techniques as lifestyles have drastically changed in American over the past week.

As a result, the visit to the local dealership will be impacted, we just don’t know to what extent. All of the research has shown for years that consumers prefer to shop online and would prefer to complete the entire car purchase online or from home, which is now amplified with the social change. This paradigm shift in consumer behavior must be matched by the way that we target and reach consumers now and in the future. Digital Marketing is now more important than ever in reaching consumers in their ever-changing work and social environments.

At AutomotiveOnly.com, we’ve been on the cutting edge of digital technology providing dealers with platforms to capture shopper data from website shoppers and competitors for 5 years. We’ve also developed some of most advanced targeting techniques in reaching shoppers in their path to purchase via Conquest Email, Home Geofencing, Facebook Marketing and more.

Reaching consumers on their personal devices at home and work is now vital for all dealers. If you would like a fresh new look at targeting consumers, please contact me for a no-obligation meeting.

As we go through the next days, weeks and months of this crisis, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families.

Steve Humphries
Founder & CEO

Brand Experience

We've worked with virtually every dealer brand across the USA