VistaDash is a comprehensive visual aid that allows Dealers to review and analyze sales and marketing data from multiple sources and vendors at a glance!  VistaDash’s clear, user-friendly interface displays a Dealers latest data trends, allowing Dealers to quickly and easily analyze information and to identify waste and broken processes, which in turn will sell more cars in a digital age.

VistaDash brings in data from a Dealers marketing partners using API technology.  This allows VistaDash to be automatically updated and display all of a Dealers current data.

VistaDash shows analytics data for a Dealers website, digital advertising, social media, online reviews, inventory page views, chat, and call tracking.  From high-level graphs to in-depth data displays, VistaDash helps Dealers see data clearly for the first time, and because Vista Dash is a cloud-based solution, the dashboard can access be accessed from anywhere.

VistaDash is the only independent data dashboard that scores all your website traffic to measure consumer engagement.  VistaDash calculates the new marketing metrics:  CPE, ZEP, and EPS to help you immediately identify waste and poor performing digital campaigns.


Helix is our proprietary marketing technology platform, which allows you Dealers to see their campaigns, customer opportunities and transparent reporting all in one place. It’s a simple, streamlined and impactful way to view your marketing strategy.

An instant look at your customer opportunities.

Stay ahead of the competition with our robust and innovative new marketing platform. Helix is built to streamline a Dealers marketing and take your dealership to the next level with 90-day campaigns based on real-time customer data.  Unlock your market potential today!